Purpose and Pleasure of Video Creation

Time / Duration
Summer 2010 - Summer 2015
Using video as a means of art and expression. Helping people put their project into practice with a professional video without having any professional equipment (except my passion and a computer which come for free).
How It Worked Out
Successfully created two documentaries, some small features at the medical faculty and private interviews. Recently worked as an advisor for amateur shooting.

National LEO-meeting (2014)

+ Electronic guide with interactive map and more (Apple iBook)

LEO meeting movie shoot (2014)

Chien à Paris (2015)

Maintaining Presence On YouTube

Designing a channel, collecting videos and keeping contact with the audience.

FSR Medizin Dresden - YouTube Channel

Fanvideo Medical Soccer Tournament (2013)

Medimeisterschafter Video Vorschaubild Dresden 2014

Carus Campus Ad for Movie Theaters (2015)

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