TEDx Dresden – Embrace the Future (2017)

Time / Duration

02 - 10/2017

August 27, 2017 (conference)

Official TEDx Dresden Website (2017)


Embrace the Future

Why do we fear change? How can we adapt our mindset to embrace what's next?

We support visionaries that motivate us to embrace our personal and collective futures. Expanding from 100 to 700 participants this year, we addressed a wider audience than ever before from higher education, industry and engaged local citizens that want to exchange ideas.

How It Worked Out

Successfully carried out a whole-day conference with 15 international speakers and one robot, 700+ guests, web ticketing and interactive on-site registration, live video production in the Staatsoperette Dresden.

I acted as the chief operating officer who drafted and monitored processes within the team. Through motivational team leading, continuous training and structured meetings, a team of mostly students organized a full-scale professional conference. Moreover, we partnered up with 15+ mainly new institutions that supported us financially and as in-kind sponsors.


– Thankfully we were supported by the local design agency ÖGRAFIK.


Official Photos

TEDxDresden Embrace the Future 2017

Interactive conference booklet

Building trust with quality content

We used Google Suite, Trello, Canva and Slack to plan, design and monitor our social media campaign on Facebook as well as Twitter. Publishing new speakers, ticket opportunities, ways to engage (e.g. Changemaker program, poster exhibition) and small interviews, we kept our audience interested in TEDxDresden and raise local awareness for our second conference.

TEDx Dresden Facebook Page

Creating a local hub

With the help of over 20 sponsors and cooperation partners, we expanded our local hub for thinkers and entrepreneurs, some of which are already interested in maintaining their support next year.

Sponsors and Partners