TEDx Dresden – Listen. (2018)

Time / Duration

01 - 10/2018

August 26, 2018 (conference)

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Proper listening is essential in a cluttered world where attention is often gained by who speaks the loudest or simplest. Listening is more than just hearing someone’s words. It requires letting go of your own point of view for a moment, and getting involved with your counterpart. Listening demands empathizing with each other in order to understand a person and his or her words.

Active and empathetic listening must be understood and practiced. The motto of our conference "Listen." invited our participants and speakers to share their personal approach using TEDxDresden as a local platform for the third time this year.

How It Worked Out

Our team achieved to successfully organize a whole-day conference with 15 international speakers (see talks), a poster session with 18 participants and an award, 700+ guests, web ticketing and interactive on-site registration, live video production in the Staatsoperette Dresden.

I acted as a general advisor to the next generation within TEDxDresden. My main goal was to help with the transition process by establishing a professional project infrastructure and managing internal knowledge. We introduced Google Suite's Mail, Drive and Groups functionality, added Trello for workflow management, linked all services including our website with Zapier and created a knowledge library with videos introducing new users to our system. Also, every former expert of TEDx created a checklist describing his/her tasks ensuring a successful generation change. Moreover, introducing GDPR compliance to TEDxDresden's activity this year proved to be a challenging yet managable task.

It was an energizing and fun experience to work with a more international team of over 20 fellow students this year passing on my knowledge about team leadership, IT, marketing and design, event production and logistics. Working one-on-one or using assignments during seminars proved personally most effective for teaching others.


– Thankfully we were supported by the local design agency ÖGRAFIK.

Official Photos

Listen. 2018

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Interactive conference booklet

Building trust with quality content

We used Google Suite, Trello, Canva and Slack to plan, design and monitor our social media campaign on Facebook as well as Twitter. Publishing new speakers, ticket opportunities, ways to engage (e.g. Changemaker program, poster exhibition) and small interviews, we kept our audience interested in TEDxDresden and raise local awareness for our third conference.

TEDx Dresden Facebook Page

TEDxDresden as a trusted local partner

With the help of 28 sponsors and cooperation partners, we established TEDxDresden as a trusted local hub for thinkers and entrepreneurs. As a valued platform for networking and idea sharing across all local groups, we paved the way for future organizers outside our initial university and research context.

Sponsors and Partners