TEDx Dresden – The Social Turn (2016)

Time / Duration

04 - 09/2016

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German angst? Foreigners unwelcome?

It’s time to explore ideas that translate patterns of prejudice and inertia into real-world solutions. A team of 13 university students embraces the challenge of organizing Dresden's 1st TEDx conference, sending out a signal to the world.

How It Worked Out

Successfully carried out a conference with 12 partly international speakers, 135 guests and professional video production.

My strengths and responsibilities were implementing task management, a media strategy (press releases and contacts, social media via Hootsuite), logistics (with the help of the University Clinic), print, web design, ticket management and directing the video on stage.

Print Designs

Web Designs

Official Photos – TEDxDresden 2016

TEDx Dresden 2016

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Conference Booklet


Conference Booklet - TEDx Dresden 2016 - 28 pages (PDF) (English/German)

Incredible thanks goes to the whole team (cf. TEDx Dresden homepage), their stamina and belief that made this conference possible!

Building trust with quality content

808 entirely organic page likes were acquired in 5 months with post planning resulting in peak post coverage of 7.1k views and engagement rates of 21.5 % (3,8k reach vs 820 clicks).

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Creating a local hub

With the support of 7 sponsors and 4 cooperation partners, we created a new local hub for thinkers and entrepreneurs, some of which are already interested in supporting us next year.

Sponsors and Partners